January 24, 2008

Our mind and brains are big help to our own body. We think a lot of things from work to simple jokes and so on and so forth.According to Wikipedia a mind collectively refers to the aspects of intellect and consciousness manifested as combinations of thought, perception, memory, emotion, will and imagination; mind is the stream of consciousness. It includes all of the brain’s conscious processes. It comes hand in hand with your brain, whatever is in your mind and you want to do it, it will process it. A powerful tool of our body.

A beautiful mind

What are you thinking right now?your future, your work, your family. Thinking too much would stress your mind but using it properly will give you good results. Human brain controls the central nervous system (CNS), by way of the cranial nerves and spinal cord, the peripheral nervous system (PNS) and regulates virtually all human activity (according to wikipedia). I’m not good in sciences but I do understand a bit, well some of our medical friends out there knows what I’m talking about. A brain check up and medicine is too expensive unless you have a health card. Sometimes we forgot things we come to a point that we are getting older or we need a vitamins like memory plus. I’ve been to one of our modern hospitals that especializes with brains, Cardinal Santos Hospital in San Juan Greenhills. The place is beautiful with all doctors that are very good at the same time with beautiful nurses, of course the price is high, you need a reservation fee just to be an in patient. How about poor people who dont have money can they afford to be hospitalized or even experienced to have a check up. You want a good life, you need to work for it but here in our country even if you work like a carabao (National animal that symbolizes working hard) you cannot eat or do what rich people can, you cant blame Filipinos going abroad.

I’ve read this article from Philippine Star it gave me an understanding about brains Read the rest of this entry »


Tata Nano: “Poor Man’s Car”

January 17, 2008

One of my goal this year is to buy a car but my budget is not that high to get a new one. The only option is to either get a second hand car in which maintenance would be expensive or a low maintenance owner jeep. In the Philippines we have a jeep that we call poor man’s car in which you can bought from 60 to 70 thousand pesos (pesoses) thats why lots of family buy it, but nowadays its not that popular. Its the two wheel motorcycle or scooter that is popular and I don’t want my family riding on it . Philippines motor industry dates back since the end of world war 2, one very well known motor industry was Sarao motors. After World War II, when U.S. soldiers left thousands of unserviceable jeeps an entrepreneurial Caviteño named Leonardo Sarao saw in them a business opportunity for mass transport. He then remodeled the jeep to increase its functionality by extending the body to accommodate more passengers. When these GI jeeps ran out of supply, Sarao began importing surplus engines from Japan. Up to know we only have a jeepney to be proud of, other countries have taken their motor industry to new heights.We have Korea which has Daewoo, Kia and Hyundai.And now India has the cheapest car in the world which you can buy for only $2,500 its called the nano car. What happened to us Filipino? A question that has no answer for now. Hopefully someday I could also see a Pinoy car purely made in the Philippines. My heart aches at the same time there is joy for I know I could buy a brand new cheap car. It aches cause India can create this kind of car and we Filipinos don’t. But lets put aside the heart aches for now and go for joy. Because thousands or millions of middle earners can now buy a dream car of their own. Tata Motors Company, India’s largest automobile company unveiled “The Peoples Car” which is the Nano car for only $2500. The four-door Nano is a little over 10 feet long and nearly 5 feet wide. It is powered by a 623cc two-cylinder engine at the back of the car. With 33 horsepower, the Nano is capable of 65 miles an hour. Its four small wheels are at the absolute corners of the car to improve handling. There is a small trunk, big enough for a duffel bag. In India, there are fewer than 10 cars for every thousand people, compared with 40 per thousand in China — and 450 in the U.S. Indians bought about 1 million cars in 2007. Far more middle-class Indians buy and transport their entire families on scooters. “That’s what drove me,” founder Ratan Tata writes on the company Web site. “A man on a two-wheeler with a child standing in front, his wife sitting behind, add to that the wet roads — a family in potential danger.” I hope someday more Filipinos would have the heart like Ratan Tata, a heart that cares for his countrymen. I’m still not decided on what I will buy but if Nano car would be sold here I would definitely order one. Check out the pictures of the Nano car and click the link to watch a video.

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Nano car1Nano car2

Nano car3Nano car4

Click the link to watch the video – Tata Nano: “Poor’s Man Car

The Thinnest Laptop from Apple

January 16, 2008

I was looking for something new in technology and suddenly I came across a picture that says thinnest laptop. Technology is very fast and you will be awed in the wonders and ingenuity of this people. Check out the pictures and click on the link to understand better what I’m talking about.


To find out more about the laptop. – click Apple Mac Air


January 11, 2008

Today is the birthday of a woman that made an impact in my life and we call her Atchi or Ate Mirs for short. Her name is actually Miravida but we call her Atchi because she is our eldest sister. Being the eldest of four siblings and a flower among the thorns, we saw in her a role model to follow. From the early days when we were still young (actually hindi pa kami matanda, nasa early thirties pa lang) up to now she is there always ready to give a helping hand. Its been four years now that we haven’t seen her in person but we are in constant communication, thanks to the technology of communication and Internet. I remember the days when we are still in primary school, this girl loves school, she has a way of studying that I’m having difficulty to follow. Whenever there are exams, she will wake up in the early mornings to review, I would also do the same thing but I would end up snoring instead. I also have some projects before that instead of me working on it, its my sister who would finish it. She is always there to listen, give advice, if she can help immediately, may it be financially or just a word of advice, she is an Ate ready to the rescue. Of course a lot of things can be said but the story is not yet finish, more ages to come. Happy Birthday.

birthday cake

Friendster – top online network service

January 5, 2008

My family were talking about the vacation that we had last Christmas in our home province of Tarlac when suddenly the topic goes to friendster. I sometimes tell stories about my friends, officemates, batch mates, relatives and more friends that I have contacts using it. It is indeed a great help to people using online network services but some abuse it. Of course friendster has received competition with all in one sites like MySpace, Windows Live Spaces, Bebo, Yahoo! 360, Facebook, hi5 and Yaari. According to Nielsin Online, friendster was already overtaken by MySpace in terms of page views but it is still the leading network services in Asia and for me. It currently has over 50 million users and is mostly used in Asia. Checked Wikipedia for more info and history.

Balik tayo. I was talking about my nieces adding me as their friends. If you don’t know what I’m talking about then you’re not yet a member of friendster. My daughter ask me to help her be a member so that she can also add her cousins and Ate’s. Of course, I need to guide her because she is still new in this kind of things. I became a member of it last Feb 2006 but at first I used it to view other members which some are doing. (Kasi plastic lang yung iba sa mga pictures, kaya I made it a private membership). I don’t post anything just a plain text on my membership but after a year I suddenly post a picture and some of my batch mates and friends are e-mailing me to add them as friends, that’s when I found the joy of using it (hanep! what a joy). I come to know what happened to them, what they look like and are they still alive. hehehe!

It’s fun, try it! a chance to meet old friends.

friendster logo

friendster logo2


January 3, 2008

On the 31st of December, a day before the main celebration at night I’m still tired because of work and I needed a long sleep to be awake at night. Were not going to prepare any food since the Tita’s or aunt’s of my wife are the one’s whose going to prepare the food. If you’re going to sum up what happened to us in 2007, I may say that we did well as a family because of the investment that we made not unlike a year after, in which we can call it “puwede na”(fair).Another year is coming which is 2008, hopefully we can double what we have made the other year.What’s in it for us this coming year? that’s a question that you should ask yourself and probably plan what you need to plan, you may not accomplish it but at least you have a goal and you’ve tried your best to reach it, but in the end it would still be you who would rate yourself if its indeed a good or bad year.

Let’ go back to the topic. My wife is busy assisting her Aunts in the preparation while me, I’m busy updating this blog but once in a while I would be ask to buy something for the feast. New years celebration here in the philippines is one of the most happiest and also one of the most dangerous because of the fireworks but people nowadays tends to get away from it. The government is doing its job in preventing accidents by going to the media and informing the people of the hazards. It’s been almost 7 years that I have bought a fireworks and I wont buy anymore cause I dont want any parts of my body to be cut off, we call it “putol”. The celebration could have been much better if there was an available videoke but all have been fully booked.

At last I was able to sleep, wake up at around 10pm to take my dinner and watch tv. Time is clicking and its 15 minutes before midnight, I went to my daughters room and wake her up so that she can be a part of the celebration.Fireworks nowadays is not as many as before but its still a new year. Check out some of the pictures that I have posted.

Here is my story of New year, what’s yours?

New year pics

New year pics2

New year pics3

New year pics4


January 1, 2008

Let’s welcome the year with a New Hope and Brighter Prospective.
Welcome 2008postcard