On the 31st of December, a day before the main celebration at night I’m still tired because of work and I needed a long sleep to be awake at night. Were not going to prepare any food since the Tita’s or aunt’s of my wife are the one’s whose going to prepare the food. If you’re going to sum up what happened to us in 2007, I may say that we did well as a family because of the investment that we made not unlike a year after, in which we can call it “puwede na”(fair).Another year is coming which is 2008, hopefully we can double what we have made the other year.What’s in it for us this coming year? that’s a question that you should ask yourself and probably plan what you need to plan, you may not accomplish it but at least you have a goal and you’ve tried your best to reach it, but in the end it would still be you who would rate yourself if its indeed a good or bad year.

Let’ go back to the topic. My wife is busy assisting her Aunts in the preparation while me, I’m busy updating this blog but once in a while I would be ask to buy something for the feast. New years celebration here in the philippines is one of the most happiest and also one of the most dangerous because of the fireworks but people nowadays tends to get away from it. The government is doing its job in preventing accidents by going to the media and informing the people of the hazards. It’s been almost 7 years that I have bought a fireworks and I wont buy anymore cause I dont want any parts of my body to be cut off, we call it “putol”. The celebration could have been much better if there was an available videoke but all have been fully booked.

At last I was able to sleep, wake up at around 10pm to take my dinner and watch tv. Time is clicking and its 15 minutes before midnight, I went to my daughters room and wake her up so that she can be a part of the celebration.Fireworks nowadays is not as many as before but its still a new year. Check out some of the pictures that I have posted.

Here is my story of New year, what’s yours?

New year pics

New year pics2

New year pics3

New year pics4


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