January 11, 2008

Today is the birthday of a woman that made an impact in my life and we call her Atchi or Ate Mirs for short. Her name is actually Miravida but we call her Atchi because she is our eldest sister. Being the eldest of four siblings and a flower among the thorns, we saw in her a role model to follow. From the early days when we were still young (actually hindi pa kami matanda, nasa early thirties pa lang) up to now she is there always ready to give a helping hand. Its been four years now that we haven’t seen her in person but we are in constant communication, thanks to the technology of communication and Internet. I remember the days when we are still in primary school, this girl loves school, she has a way of studying that I’m having difficulty to follow. Whenever there are exams, she will wake up in the early mornings to review, I would also do the same thing but I would end up snoring instead. I also have some projects before that instead of me working on it, its my sister who would finish it. She is always there to listen, give advice, if she can help immediately, may it be financially or just a word of advice, she is an Ate ready to the rescue. Of course a lot of things can be said but the story is not yet finish, more ages to come. Happy Birthday.

birthday cake



January 1, 2008

Let’s welcome the year with a New Hope and Brighter Prospective.
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